ARTFUTURA 2009. From Virtual Reality to Social Networks

We are living in exponential times. Every month, there are 31 thousand million searches carried out in Google. Every day, we exchange more than 6,000 million text messages. If Facebook were a country, its 350 million users would make it the fourth most populated country on Earth. And China will very soon be the country with the highest number of English speakers in the world. The future is speeding up. In its day, it took radio 38 years to reach 50 million users. Television achieved the same number in 13 years. It took Internet four.


Montxo Algora


Montxo Algora, Santi Fort, Carolina López, Irma Vilà i Òdena, Ramón Nafria, Oscar Hormigos & Fernando Piquer


Improv Everywhere, Carlye Archibeque (Siggraph CAF 2009), Tim Schafer, Fabricators, Enric Ruiz Geli (Cloud9), Multitouch-Barcelona & Digital Kitchen


Imagina Auditorium & ASM, Arts Santa Mònica. Barcelona, Spain



From Virtual Reality to Social Networks

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